On The Ultimate Pursuit


My Pursuit


Welcome to the Ultimate Pursuit. Clothing is a byproduct of the main concept here. To help you declare your Pursuit and chase it RELENTLESSLY. I'm a minnow in the ocean swimming against the current. I don't think I'm special by any means BUT this brand, Ultimate Pursuit is on the next level. New prints and gear typically come out once a month and are designed almost always by a concept or idea that's been pin-balling around in my head. The 16 logos represented here are some of my latest designs that have been printed on an assortment of clothing items from hats, bags, and tees to crops, leggings, and hoods. I'll say it regularly but #HesitationKills so once an item is soldout-it's gone! Thanks for the support, keep checking in, and follow along on social linked below. [Veteran owned & operated.]

On The Ultimate Pursuit

Embrace the never-life.  Never enough time.  Never enough money.  Don't become blinded by choice. Choose everything; choose life.  Pull the trigger, take the reins and let adventure pull you out of your box.  The inevitable pressure's will tighten the noose and create your ultimatum.  Hesitation kills so bite the hand that feeds.  Fuck the rule-makers.  Take back what's yours and rewrite your freedom clause.  It's all a fairytale anyway.  Time is an illusion, money is a deity and comfort is a crutch; so fuck your patience, fuck your masters and damn your false foundation. 

Create your own future and join the Ultimate Pursuit

What the F@#% is Ultimate Pursuit?

In simplest form, Ultimate Pursuit is a challenge!

A challenge to LIVE the life YOU desire. To Live the life YOU crave. The life YOU dream of.

Now ask yourself this...

Do you ever wish you could be doing something different? Are you unhappy or unsatisfied with where you are in life? Have you been suppressing what you truly want because you think it’s not the right time, not possible, not what society thinks you should be doing? Stop waiting for permission, stop waiting  to be discovered, stop hiding away in the shadows.  Join the movement and declare your Ultimate Pursuit. It doesn’t matter how big or small your pursuit is: whether you want to save money, live simply, become a parent, choose happiness, fall in love, switch professions, travel...it matters. Make a plan and vocalize your intentions. Hold yourself accountable. ONLY YOU can elevate your intentions and not let fear hold you back. Fear will never go away so embrace it. Plan your attack. This pursuit is yours. Own it. Forget about social norms,  forget about opinions and make the most of your time NOW. Stop waiting. Start truly living.

If not now then when?

Turning a Raindrop into a Tsunami...

Expansion. Growth. Support. Loyalty. Excitement. Raw potential. Being true. Living the message. 
Sitting here absolutely humbled with a mountain of packages to my left and 30 more still to package up, I’m typing words that I feel in this moment. I’m excited. 
Days like this prove that the consistency and sometimes inescapable bullshit is completely worth it. 
I’m lost but with every day that goes by I know my hard work will pay off. 
I truly don’t know what to do, but somehow I’m doing it. The only thing I need is time and unfortunately that’s what we take for granted the most. 
In 48 hours Ultimate Pursuit had orders placed in 4 countries and 23 states. We broke any record we had ever set in the past; from units, dollars, time, etc everything was blown out of the park. 
The phrase “Thank You” isn’t suiting enough for how I feel, however it’ll do for now. People joke about the fast forward button from movies like Click but I wouldn’t change this path for anything. These are the moments I live for, and sitting here, writing notes to all of you, I will say- I’m excited for what’s next.


8 March 2021